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Come Closer Now

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Ssh. Come closer now.

Delve into your own world, let the outside noise dim its headlights.

Peer into your inner knowing, the one where intuition resides and feels safe.

To flow, to graciously move to its own unique tempo.

Free from the restraints of clocks, your own private rhythm showing its stern at the docks.

Swaying, from side to side, magically floating, this has been your ride.

For you to decide,

For you to know,

For you to feel, to trust your hope.

Your sanctuary, where wisdom does not hide.

The maiden, the mother, the crone,

are all revealed after being locked inside.

How do their voices sound?

What do they say?

How do their eyes look, when they speak a certain way?

For you trust your observations, based on your gut feelings.

Your femininity, like a key unlocks such divinity.

As you listen to their stories, it's not just the words which they say, it's how they express them, it's what emotions are at bay.

Ssh. Ignore the inner chatter trying to restrain you from self-discovery,

and lean in closer now.

Listen to how you all have sailed, even throughout tempests and torrents, you've reached this place.

Where the water is calm, your very own saving grace.

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