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Veins of Our Hearts

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Like veins of my heart,

We knew right from the start

Hidden connections would lead the way.

Rooted together, whatever the weather

Talking to each other, silently

Quietly, like the landing of feathers.

Making no sounds, they float effortlessly

On to the ground.

Yet the wind knows their every precision,

Their every move,

As they graciously flew.

Landing next to the tree trunk,

It's oak bark deliciously


Showing such sacred masculinity.

Buds of acorn blossom

Duir of an otherworld opening

Across the platform's land.

Brigid is here, she's everywhere

Flowering, petalling, moving

Flowing, always changing


Whilst down below the roots support

Helping with their strength

In total awe.

Of how those branches survive

Even the harshest wind and heavy rain

Still so noble despite

The torturous gusts of pain.

Tree of life,

Take us back,

To our love


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