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About Immrama Therapies

Welcome to Immrama Therapies, a place where alternative and holistic therapy meets psychotherapy. I'm dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment for individuals seeking healing and personal growth. With a unique approach, I combine various therapeutic modalities. I have been trained in integrative counselling and psychotherapy. Group work takes various forms, including workshop facilitation, which holds the same counselling ethical framework for working with individuals. My background is in shamanism and visionary meditative practices. I'm committed to helping you navigate your journey towards self-discovery and transformation. Take the first step towards a brighter future and explore the possibilities with Immrama Therapies.

Chakras of body for healing with Shamanism

Therapeutic Services

Psychotherapy and Shamanic practices are two sides of the same coin. Both recognise the lasting impact of trauma or soul loss, emotional and social challenges, cycles of change, and the impact of narratives on our psyches. They also provide safe ways to come to terms with these conditions and restore ways in which to overcome them, so new meanings and rejuvenation can emerge. 


Ultimately, it depends on the needs of you as a client which therapeutic methods would be most beneficial, as we are all unique. A fundamental part of my practice is to have a quality therapeutic professional working relationship. I understand firsthand the hesitation and difficulties a person can face in choosing a therapist, as I too have undergone therapy and shamanic healing.


My kind of practice means I will tailor sessions to suit you. I can work short term or long term. I work in an anti-oppressive way and seek to decolonise therapy as much as possible. This means taking into account a person's context, environment, background and the social and political landscape to which we live. My interests are in existential meaning, nature-based practices and symbolism. 


Immrama Therapies works in an integrative way with individuals, groups, third sector organisations and the corporate world. I currently create, deliver and facilitate wellbeing Shamanic journeying and guided visualisation workshops for people in alcohol recovery. I also teach people on how to Shamanic journey using the Celtic medicine wheel at the space Haunt in Glasgow. 

I'm available to create, deliver and facilitate wellbeing and Shamanic journeying workshops for your organisation, and by doing so addressing needs and preferences you will inevitably have for your workforce or service users. 


Book a Free Discovery Call 

For many services I offer a free Shamanic diagnostic journey done prior to a session. This gives information on an energetic level as to what needs healed or given attention. I offer all clients a free discovery call.

Rock Maze

A Bit More of Immrama Therapies

Guiding You On the Path of Self-Discovery

​​Immrama Therapies practitioner Louise Devlin is close to completing a 2-year Post-Graduate Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy from Glasgow Council on Alcohol, Scotland. Working in the field of alcohol harm reduction, recovery and addictions, she uses cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), psychodynamic, Gestalt, and person-centred approaches for clients, in both a 1 to 1 capacity and also in group settings. 

Louise has worked as a Shamanic practitioner since 2022, after undergoing a 3-year training and initiation with  'Shamanic Dreaming' author Carol Day, founder of Creative Earth Ensemble. These creative shamanism and visionary leadership practitioner trainings included family and ancestral constellation therapy, creating sacred and person-centred space, workshop facilitation, vision dance therapy, grief and loss tending, soul retrieval, psychopomp work, removing intrusions with extractions, archetypal overlay energy removal, and curse unravelling.

Other trainings have been with world renowned shamanic teacher Betsy Bergstrom of Spirit Wise in depossession, curse unraveling, energy hygiene, and mediumship. Ancestral healer Gillian Alexander of Sacred Heart taught somatic embodiment, and a practical ancestral healing modality. Author Christina Pratt taught other ancestral healing methods. Shamanic divination techniques were deepened with 1-day workshop with from western shamanic elders and best-selling authors Sandra Ingerman and Renee Baribeau.


Louise has underwent doing a 9-month foundation training in indigenous shamanism with Second Sight founder and author of 'Wisdom of Mental Illness' Jez Hughes, a long-term Shaman apprentice of a Wixárika Shamanic tribe in Mexico.


All of these trainings have Shamanic and animistic roots, which means to honour and work with unseen energies of thought patterns, emotions, generational constellations and psychological processes, the liminal spaces and meaning of dreams, the spirits of the lands, the ancestors, the sacredness of life forms, the power of the divine, and the helping compassionate spirit guides. Going into controlled trance on behalf of others features as a fundamental part of 1 to 1 Shamanic healings for others.


Workshop facilitation can be found with the original creation of In My Element Shamanic Journeying workshops in Glasgow, for Wings of Light grief and bereavement support group, and in the past for Little Dragon's Club for parents and children. 

Other significant influences and trainings have been certified with self-harm awareness training, addiction awareness training, ASIST suicide intervention, COSCA counselling skills SCQF level 8, Scottish Alcohol Counselling Consortium in behavioural change, intro to counselling SCQF level 5, modules in suicide awareness, trauma informed practice, child and adult protection, continued professional development (CPD) 4 hours for working with trauma of sexual abuse, and CPD 11 hours in pluralistic counselling and psychotherapy. Louise also holds Usui Holy Fire Reiki levels 1 and 2. 

Starry Sky

“Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.”

Mary Oliver

Full Moon
Image by Denis Degioanni

We are stardust having a human experience,

We are constellations in families, descended from ancestors of stars,

We are circadian, celestial beings, with infradian rhythms- Continually moving, growing, glowing,

With the only true constant as change

Immrama Therapies

The Atlas Mystic

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